Josh Mahar — Certified Golf Course Superintendent

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I am Josh Mahar, Certified Golf Course Superintendent at Wild Horse Golf Course. I helped construct and grow in the course and have worked here since its inception in August 1997. My start in golf course maintenance goes back 31 years to when I took a summer job at my hometown Chappell Golf Club. That experience eventually spurred a further interest in the golf course management field. After my sophomore year in college I realized that being a superintendent was the career for me. I went on to garner my BS in Horticulture-Turfgrass Option at University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Luckily my internship during college was at Sand Hills Golf Club. I was part of the team that constructed and grew-in that course in 1994. Upon graduation I returned to Sand Hills as Assistant Superintendent for two years before Dan Procter and Dave Axland asked me to come down to Wild Horse for a great opportunity. It has been a joy to manage this great property and I still love to see her

My team of 7-8 people during season is responsible for all groundskeeping duties here at Wild Horse. We take great pride in presenting the course to the golfer in its best possible condition for that day. We really enjoy that so many people come out to recreate and have fun away from the trials of everyday life. Seeing people enjoy their time out here is very rewarding for all of us. I am married to Amy and we have one son Eli, 14 and that beast beside me is Baylee. Her duty here at
Wild Horse is to keep all rabbits and gophers honest.