The turf has greened up but has yet to start growing. We have mowed greens once-fairways and tees probably will be due next week. As expected the greens survived the winter without incident and are looking good. Also as anticipated there is some ice damage in the low areas of fairways. Much like last year’s damage-some areas are better than expected and some are worse. Thinning occurred in many areas but those spots will recover on their own. Other spots like near 2 exit path and 6 exit path are complete kills. To remedy those situations we will double aerate and throw ryegrass seed into those holes. After that we will run the slit-seeder across those same areas with bluegrass seed. Then we wait-unfortunately cold soil temperatures hinder quick establishment so please be patient and when possible avoid running carts over those damaged areas as the new seedlings will be quite tender. Also to aid in recovery the damaged areas will be juiced up with extra fertilizer to encourage lateral growth and density.


We have just begun the aerification of fairways and that will continue into next week. Here again is the
spring aerification schedule:

April 1-12 Fairways (one or two holes per day)
April 15-16 Greens surrounds
April 22-23 Tees
May 6-7 Greens (mini tines)
May 8 Topdress Greens


Our prescribed burn will probably take place next week if we get the right conditions to execute it. We will be working on the outside permiter of the course and hope to make it all the way around if all goes well. Despite our mowing and burning, the rough is likely to be very lush considering the ample soil moisture available this spring.

We consider April the set-up month for good conditions to come in the summer. Much of what we do now pays off during the prime summer golfing season. Aerification, fertilizer applications, weed control, and rough management by burning of the “wooga” all are accomplished in this month. As we move into May our focus shifts to better playability in a more regular mowing routine, improved green speeds, more bunker maintenance, and daily course setup.

We are excited to see green grass again and are looking forward to a great year. You can always email me at if you have comments or concerns.