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Upon stepping foot on Wild Horse golf course, you can’t help but feel like you’ve arrived at golf’s field of dreams.  Without a building in sight, lush fairways lined with native knee-high “Wooga” grass canvass the Central Nebraska prairie and create an atmosphere so serene and quiet that it almost feels surreal.

A product of the tight knit farm community in which it sits, Wild Horse has grown to become the heartbeat of Gothenburg, Nebraska and the people that made it a realization.

From the friendly and hospitable staff to the outrageously affordable green fees ($51), the “open to all” aura of Wild Horse resonates throughout the golf course.  One trip to Wild Horse will leave no doubt as to why it’s the pride and joy of the locals and ranked one of the top 100 golf courses nationally year after year.  A loop at Wild Horse is far more than your typical round of golf…it’s an experience.

The Wild Horse club house is perched on top of a hill at the center of the property and is visible from any hole on the golf course.

Avoid the rough at all costs.  Finding your ball is one accomplishment…getting it out is another.

When asked why they call the native knee high grass “Wooga”, club pro Don Graham noted that it is “the nicest thing that they could print.”

Turnout for Monday night’s mens league never disappoints.

Composed of a little over 3,500 people and home to Nebraska’s original Pony Express, Gothenburg prides itself on working together and collaborating for the betterment of the community…something they like to call “the Gothenburg Way.”

Nothing is more representative of that than Wild Horse.  In 1997, using 1.6 million dollars raised by local residents, ground was broken on what would turn out to be a world-class golf course. Designers set out to build the course without disrupting the natural contours of the prairie and make players feel like they were truly experiencing the land.  They accomplished exactly that.

Take a closer look at what makes Wild Horse such an incredibly unique destination and watch our Golf Lives: Home Course here.

Cinematographer and composer, Jeff Melanson, battles the Nebraska elements for the perfect shot.

Welcome to “Carnoustie of the Corn Belt”


Click on the link below to view the list.

Callaway will be be premiering each of the Golf Lives: Home Course films TODAY at 5pm CT on Facebook and YouTube! 

“In Golf Lives: Home Course, we set out to profile three unique golf locations around the country based on their stories, communities and characters. While the cultures across the series are remarkably diverse, the courses are united by the passion of the players who call them home.”

Tune in TODAY at 5pm CT on Facebook and YouTube see WILD HORSE GOLF CLUB FEATURED

noun: A new, unexpected spirit to the game we all love.

verb: Connecting golfers from all walks of life through relatable, vibrant, and emotional storytelling.

Team USA is full to the gunwales with talent, but there’s something a little strange about how that talent is currently performing. It turns out, through a fluke of bad luck, that three of the biggest American stars from the last two Ryder Cups happen to be showing the worst form of anybody on the 2018 team. That presents a problem, and it’s a thorny one for U.S. captain Jim Furyk.

Phil Mickelson, Patrick Reed, and Jordan Spieth were three of the top five points-earners in the 2016 victory at Hazeltine, and three of the top four at Gleneagles two years earlier. Spieth and Reed weren’t around at Medinah in 2012, but Mickelson was, and he was once again one of the team’s stars, netting three points in a dynamic pairing with Keegan Bradley. It just so happens that as the Americans get ready to do battle in Paris, hoping to win their first Ryder Cup on foreign soil in 25 years, these three U.S. stalwarts are playing some pretty rough golf. Along with Bubba Watson, they are—without a doubt—slumping in a way that the other eight players are not.




It had to be strange for Jim Furyk to see the bottom of the leaderboard at last weekend’s Tour Championship, where positions 28-30 in the 30-man field looked like this:

Patrick Reed: +9

Bubba Watson: +10

Phil Mickelson: +13

Spieth, whose troubles this year are well-chronicled, wasn’t even there—he’s made exactly one top ten since the Masters, and he didn’t qualify for the Tour Championship.

To add to the conundrum, Spieth and Reed are a famously strong pairing, having amassed a 4-1-2 record over the last two competitions. To break them up would be a dramatic, almost reactionary move, but keeping two ice-cold golfers together runs even greater risks. If they can’t re-discover their magic together, it’s like handing a free point to the Europeans.

As if the situation wasn’t tricky enough on its own, Thomas Bjorn made a very smart move by deciding to play four-ball in the Friday morning session. That means the alternate shot pairings will happen in the afternoon, and the last thing you want to do if you’re Jim Furyk is stick a struggling golfer out there in alternate shot, where he can’t be rescued by a hot partner and could potentially submarine an entire match.

This puts the stress squarely on Furyk’s shoulders. Assuming he’s trying to avoid playing his four coldest players in afternoon foursomes, it leaves two choices: He can either play Bubba, Phil, Spieth, and Reed in the morning, or sit them out for an entire day.

He can’t sit them for an entire day. It’s just not plausible, even if it’s arguably the smarter move on paper. As such, you can expect to see all four golfers on Friday morning. Judging by the Tuesday practice groups, Furyk may be planning to break up the band and have Spieth and Reed play with different partners—it may be that Spieth doesn’t want to play with him anymore, considering the “interesting” comments Reed has made this year, from the denied drop at Bay Hill (“I guess my name needs to be Jordan Spieth”) to the trash talk at the WGC-Match Play (“my back still hurts” from carrying Spieth at the Ryder Cup), all of which preceded Reed beating a frustrated Spieth at that WGC. Or maybe they’re completely fine. In any case, it’s easy to imagine Furyk seeing the benefit in giving himself other options if the two aren’t playing well on Friday morning.

But those other options carry a price, and that’s where diplomacy comes in. Patrick Reed wants to play all five sessions. The last time Phil Mickelson had an issue with playing time, he instigated a full mutiny and threw his captain to the wolves. Jordan Spieth is an immensely popular figure, to both his teammates and fans, and any attempt by Furyk to sideline him comes with risks. Of the four, only Bubba Watson—not a very popular figure, relatively speaking—is easily cast aside. Davis Love III felt no compunction at leaving him off the team in 2016, and Furyk can bench him without worrying about the consequences. Bubba even showed at Hazeltine in his vice captain role that he can be a team player under adverse circumstances.

When it comes to the other three, Furyk’s job gets tough. How do you manage those extremely large personalities? How do you disappoint them, in service of winning, and not risk a PR nightmare inside and outside the team room?

The answer comes down to personal management, of course, and there’s no way for anyone besides Jim Furyk to know exactly what notes to sing. Yet it’s an incredibly vital part of his job.

Paul McGinley had a terrific system in Gleneagles, when he paired Lee Westwood and Graeme McDowell with rookies Jamie Donaldson and Victor Dubuisson, respectively, and cast the veterans as sherpas whose role was to win foursomes points with their young charges. It worked, but it may not be the perfect model for Furyk, because Mickelson and Bubba are not playing well, and Bubba in particular is not well suited to being anyone’s guide. It looks like he might try out the shepherd strategy with Mickelson and Finau, but it would likely have to come in morning four-ball. The ideal situation is that they win, sit for the afternoon, and play again on Saturday morning, but that assumes that Finau doesn’t crack under the Ryder Cup pressure, and that Mickelson is happy with playing just one session per day.

As for Reed and Spieth, Furyk is mostly reduced to hoping for the best. If they struggle, he’ll have to deliver the bitter news and hope they’re both mature enough to accept an unlikely demotion.

Furyk is the rare golfer who thinks deeply about every question he’s asked, and brings a curious mind to his sport. Journalists love him, players respect him. He’ll be the same as captain, and you can bet he’ll have considered almost every angle on the course. His greatest challenge, though, will be managing expectations and personalities off the course, particularly when his team hits the inevitable patch of adversity. If he can’t prepare his struggling stars for the prospect of sitting out a crucial session—or perhaps an entire Saturday—he’s in trouble. He must discover how to make them accept his decisions with equanimity while remaining supportive of the team and staying inspired for Sunday singles. Otherwise, his exacting preparation will crumble around him.

There are extremely strong players on Team USA, and they need to be playing in the crucial moments. Identifying them is the easy part. Keeping everyone happy while making the tough choice is where the road gets rocky, and Furyk’s ability to solve this riddle could define the outcome of the Paris Ryder Cup.



Golf is like sex. Some people do it for years and never improve. But why? With input from GOLF Magazine Top 100 instructor Jon Tattersall, we’ve drawn up a list of the 11 reasons why you may not be getting better at life’s (second) most enjoyable pursuit.

1. You never practice

You know that whole 10 thousand hours thing? How it takes at least that long to master a skill? Do the math. Ten minutes once a month isn’t going to get you there.

2. You practice unproductively

Smacking drivers on the range until you’re blue in the face might give you a backache. But it’s not going to get you where you want to go. What you need to do is practice with a purpose. “Go to the range to get better at one thing, posture for example,” Tattersall says.  “Once you’ve spent 30 minutes working on that and incorporating into your swing, leave the range.”

3. Your equipment isn’t optimized

“That includes your golf ball,” says Tattersall, who recommends getting your entire arsenal checked at least once a year.

4. You’ve got the wrong mix of clubs

News flash. You’ve got no business carrying a two-iron. You’re also probably not good enough to have more wedges than hybrids in your bag.

5. You don’t track your stats

You think you’re a great putter, and a middling driver. But are you really? Without knowing for sure, you can’t maximize your practice time, much less devise an optimal on-course strategy.

6. You’re not as good as you think you are

Two-twenty over water is not in your wheelhouse, but you always try it, because, well, your weakness is your fondness for the hero shot.

7. You’re too hard on yourself

On approach shots from 150 yards, the average Tour pro leave is 23 feet from the pin. But you somehow believe you should be knocking down the flagstick, so you berate yourself every time you don’t.

8. You ride a cart

You think you’re saving energy. What you’re really doing is losing touch with the natural rhythms of the game.

9. You think there’s a quick-fix

In a world filled with swing tips, you believe there’s a magic one that will solve all your problems. So you search, and search. You might as well be trying to track down Sasquatch, Tattersall says. “The tough news is it comes down to working on good principles long enough for them to become habits.”

10. You’re don’t hit it far enough

Sorry, but size matters. A good way to get better is to swing the club the faster to hit the ball longer. “Any good coach can correct crooked,” Tattersall says. “Getting the ball to go farther is a tougher task.”

11. You focus more on words than feel

You’ve gotten a lot of verbal instruction. But, Tattersall says, “Words don’t translate as well to performance.” Pay more attention to images and feels. It will free up your mind. And your swing.


Thank you to those who participated in the Club Championship and Member Guest Tournament!


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September Calendar of Events

September 10th: Nebraska State Interclub. We will have open tee times
call for openings

September 12th: Men’s Fun Night, Members only 5:45 shotgun start

September 13th: Gothenburg Girls Invite – Course closed until 5:00

September 16th: Gothenburg Scouts Scramble – 1:00 Shotgun – call
clubhouse to sign up or for open tee times.

September 18th: Corporate Outing – 12:30 Shotgun – call clubhouse for
open tee times.

September 19th: Men’s Fun Night, Members only 5:45 shotgun start

September 24th: Nebraska Section Team Championship – Course closed for
the day.

September 26th: Men’s Fun Night, Members only 5:45 shotgun start

September 27th: Gothenburg High School Cross Country Meet – call the
clubhouse for open tee times.

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Travis Minzel is the 2018 Mid-Amateur Champion.  Wild Horse congratulates Travis on his win.  Click below to read the entire press release.