Upon stepping foot on Wild Horse golf course, you can’t help but feel like you’ve arrived at golf’s field of dreams.  Without a building in sight, lush fairways lined with native knee-high “Wooga” grass canvass the Central Nebraska prairie and create an atmosphere so serene and quiet that it almost feels surreal.

A product of the tight knit farm community in which it sits, Wild Horse has grown to become the heartbeat of Gothenburg, Nebraska and the people that made it a realization.

From the friendly and hospitable staff to the outrageously affordable green fees ($51), the “open to all” aura of Wild Horse resonates throughout the golf course.  One trip to Wild Horse will leave no doubt as to why it’s the pride and joy of the locals and ranked one of the top 100 golf courses nationally year after year.  A loop at Wild Horse is far more than your typical round of golf…it’s an experience.

The Wild Horse club house is perched on top of a hill at the center of the property and is visible from any hole on the golf course.

Avoid the rough at all costs.  Finding your ball is one accomplishment…getting it out is another.

When asked why they call the native knee high grass “Wooga”, club pro Don Graham noted that it is “the nicest thing that they could print.”

Turnout for Monday night’s mens league never disappoints.

Composed of a little over 3,500 people and home to Nebraska’s original Pony Express, Gothenburg prides itself on working together and collaborating for the betterment of the community…something they like to call “the Gothenburg Way.”

Nothing is more representative of that than Wild Horse.  In 1997, using 1.6 million dollars raised by local residents, ground was broken on what would turn out to be a world-class golf course. Designers set out to build the course without disrupting the natural contours of the prairie and make players feel like they were truly experiencing the land.  They accomplished exactly that.

Take a closer look at what makes Wild Horse such an incredibly unique destination and watch our Golf Lives: Home Course here.

Cinematographer and composer, Jeff Melanson, battles the Nebraska elements for the perfect shot.

Welcome to “Carnoustie of the Corn Belt”