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Exceptional Gothenburg Golf

Prepare yourself for an unparalleled golf experience. Our course is a pleasure for golfers of any skill level to play. The Wild Horse Golf Club will challenge you while at the same time providing a relaxing, picturesque backdrop.

Test your accuracy with our fairways and sand traps; we have everything you need to challenge you and improve your game. All in all, our goal is to provide you with a quality experience that includes exceptional service and a comfortable atmosphere.

Course Rating & Slope


Gold: 73.7/135
Black: 71.1/126

Hybrid: 68.4/120
Silver: 66.1/110


Silver: 71.4/118
Green: 67.5/109


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Hole by Hole

  • Hole #1


    An iron is really the play off of this tee box, a well hit driver will go thru the fairway on the right. If the pin is in the front of this green don’t hit your approach too deep, the down hill putt coming back is quite ticklish.

    Hole Description:

    #1 is a short par four that requires finesse, not power to get your round started. It plays from a slightly elevated tee to a flat valley fairway bordered by the ever-present native grass hills. A fairway bunker guards the inside leg of a slight dogleg left.

    Tee shots should favor the left side of the fairway for a better approach to a green bunkered on both sides. (Many people aim too far right with too much club on their tee shots.) The green sits into a hillside that caroms balls to the left. A proper approach is just over the right side bunker which will kick left onto the green. Avoid being long. This green will preview future greens with lots of mounds and slope.

    • Gold Tees: 328
    • Black Tees: 328
    • Silver Tees: 277
    • Green Tees: 250
  • Hole #2


    The closer your drive is to the fairway bunker on the right the shorter your approach shot will be, however there is lots of fairway left if you want to play safe. An approach shot hit to the right side of this green will funnel back to the center of the green.

    Hole Description:

    #2 is a medium par four that shares a fairway with #3. The tee shot is slightly blind but is framed by bunkers on both sides of the fairway near the landing area. A right line is more aggressive and can cut some distance off the angled fairway, but can leave a difficult second to a green that slopes from right to left. A long iron approach should find the large unbunkered green. Subtle breaks will test your green reading skills here.

    • Gold Tees: 431
    • Black Tees: 414
    • Silver Tees: 356
    • Green Tees: 305
  • Hole #3


    Your drive should be hit at the fairway bunker on the right, (you cant reach it) from there you might be able to get home in two. Any approach shot hit to the left side of the green side bunker will funnel even farther to the left of the green. An approach to the right side of the green is best.

    Hole Description:

    #3 is a par five playing back into the prevailing winds requiring good decisions and proper shot placement. A middle line for the tee ball is just over the right side of the carry bunkers in front of you. A tee shot to the left has lots of room and gives a good view of the rest of the hole as it doglegs right, but makes it a three shot hole.

    A more aggressive approach along the right side cuts distance but reduces the visibility of the second shot. Three pot bunkers spaced along the middle of the fairway create choices for your second shot. Another pot bunker lies 10 yards in front of the green making second shot placement crucial depending on pin position.

    The third shot must find its way around or over the pre-mentioned pot bunker onto a small green that slopes back to front with several mounds.

    • Gold Tees: 537
    • Black Tees: 494
    • Silver Tees: 439
    • Green Tees: 375
  • Hole #4


    Favor the left side of the green on this hole. If the pin is to the front of the green it is better to be short than long.

    Hole Description:

    #4 is a medium par three from an elevated tee to a green guarded on the right side by two bunkers. The Green sits at an angle making pin placements to the back and right more difficult to get to but a safe shot to the left will kick back toward the large green. Club selection is difficult due to the large green and prevailing wind at your back.

    • Gold Tees: 171
    • Black Tees: 160
    • Silver Tees: 119
    • Green Tees: 114
  • Hole #5


    A tee shot to the bunker on the left hand side of the fairway gives you your best angle to attack the pin. There is more green over the hilly waste area on the right side of the fairway near the green than there looks to be.

    Hole Description:

    #5 is a short par four that requires a tee shot hugging the left side for a good angle to a fishbowl green guarded on the right by a sandy waste area. Complicating matters is a fairway bunker waiting to gobble up those errant tee shots left.

    Smart players will lay up short of that bunker leaving a 125 yard pitch uphill to the green. A high spinning second shot is best if pin is tucked to the right but a narrow throat Allows a running shot to find the green also. The fishbowl green funnels most shots to the middle but errant shots long or short make for difficult up and downs.

    • Gold Tees: 367
    • Black Tees: 339
    • Silver Tees: 297
    • Green Tees: 238
  • Hole #6


    The farther to the right your drive is hit the closer to the green you will be. The second shot if you cant reach the green should be left to the middle or right side of the fairway. When approaching the green it slopes severely from right to left.

    Hole Description:

    #6 is a par five double dogleg with no bunkers but lots of elevation change. The tee shot line varies with your ability, length, and aggressiveness. Longer players hoping to get there in two aim along the right edge of the fairway.

    More conservative shots take the ball down the middle. Most tee shots should find the top of the hill allowing the player to see the fairway swing right into a valley. An aggressive second takes the ball over the left rough toward the green while a easier second should find the broad valley to the right setting up a 100 yard pitch uphill.

    The green sits into a hillside that filters shots from right to left, but drops off sharply on the left into a wide chipping area. The tilt in the green can make for some dangerous putting.

    • Gold Tees: 548
    • Black Tees: 527
    • Silver Tees: 484
    • Green Tees: 433
  • Hole #7


    For the best approach shot to the green the tee shot needs to be placed to the right of the fairway bunker. A good drive should leave a short approach shot to a green that is hard to get the ball close to the flag.

    Hole Description:

    #7 is a short par four with a middle fairway bunker requiring a good tee shot staying between it and the right rough. A tee ball left of this bunker leaves you in a swale looking only at a huge bunker guarding the left side of the green. The green is open on the right allowing a variety of shots to be played. It is relatively flat except for a couple large mounds on the right. Birdies can be had, but be wary!

    • Gold Tees: 364
    • Black Tees: 345
    • Silver Tees: 244
    • Green Tees: 209
  • Hole #8


    One of the hardest holes on the course. The drive can be hit right at the fairway bunker on the left side. If you hit a long ball you might be able to reach this bunker. The approach shot hit into the green should favor the left side.

    Hole Description:

    #8 is a long straight par four that is one of the most demanding on the course. A huge blowout bunker on the left side of the fairway is a good aiming point. Only if the wind is at your back should you be able to reach this bunker.

    A good tee shot should kick left into a series of mounds in the landing area. Luck will provide a good lie for a long second to a green guarded on the right side by a small bunker. The terrain slopes from left to right so stay to the high side and let the ground carry your ball onto the green. The green has two large bumps in the middle that make for a difficult two-putt.

    • Gold Tees: 451
    • Black Tees: 433
    • Silver Tees: 343
    • Green Tees: 308
  • Hole #9


    The green to this hole tilts from the left to the right. Depending on where the flag is you might want to hit the ball over the bunker you see on the left. There is a good deal of green that that bunker hides but be careful not to go to far left another bunker you cant see is hidden over there.

    Hole Description:

    #9 is a medium par three guarded on the high side by two bunkers with steep fall off to the right into a chipping area. A good shot will challenge the bunkers that hide the left half of the long narrow green. The slope will work it back into the middle of the green.

    Any shots right will find the low side chipping area which makes for a tough par. Again club selection is tough with a prevailing wind at your back that takes spin off and kicks the ball forward.

    • Gold Tees: 155
    • Black Tees: 143
    • Silver Tees: 132
    • Green Tees: 71
  • Hole #10


    A good drive will be just left of the fairway bunker you can see on the right hand side of the fairway. If the pin is on the front of the green your better off being short with your approach than long.

    Hole Description:

    #10 is a medium par four dogleg right that requires an accurate tee shot to find a rolling narrow fairway. A bunker guards the inside of the dogleg but is only a factor for the longest hitters. The second shot is to a small unbunkered green with falloffs on both sides. The green itself is one of the toughest with several mounds and a steep tilt from back to front.

    • Gold Tees: 408
    • Black Tees: 362
    • Silver Tees: 290
    • Green Tees: 249
  • Hole #11


    This short par 3 is bunkered very well by the 3 bunkers you can see from the tee. The green is very large and undulating. If the flag is up front make sure your tee shot isnt too long.

    Hole Description:

    #11 is a short heavily bunkered par three. Only errant shots long will stay away from the three bunkers that guard the left, right and front of this large green. The green slopes from right to left in the front with a mound on the left that can run balls back to the middle. The back of the green is flatter with only a couple of mounds. A two putt here will thrill you.

    • Gold Tees: 126
    • Black Tees: 113
    • Silver Tees: 79
    • Green Tees: 74
  • Hole #12


    The drive needs to hug the right side of the fairway. The approach needs to barely clear the greenside bunker on the right to run to the hole.

    Hole Description:

    #12 is a downhill par four that plays differently depending on the tee placement. The forward tees allow you to see the entire hole but choose your club and placement wisely to avoid the many fairway bunkers. The back tee is a blind tee shot over a hill into a flat valley.

    Shots to the right will nearly always find trouble in the rough or fairway bunker. A good line is toward the aiming bunker in the distance. The approach shot must navigate three bunkers that closely guard the narrow green. Shots will kick to the left so play just over the short right bunker to find the middle of the green and stay below the hole.

    • Gold Tees: 442
    • Black Tees: 393
    • Silver Tees: 327
    • Green Tees: 311
  • Hole #13


    Aim to the right side of the green on this hole. Any ball landing on the front of the green or on the landing area will run hard to the left. This is the largest green on the course so club yourself accordingly.

    Hole Description:

    #13 is a long par three that plays from an elevated tee over a valley to a huge green with many rolls. Bunkers in front and left should be avoided. Shots up onto the hill right will find their way back to the green and shots long will avoid trouble. A tough par most days into the wind.

    • Gold Tees: 208
    • Black Tees: 191
    • Silver Tees: 126
    • Green Tees: 109
  • Hole #14


    The farther left your drive is the shorter your approach shot to the green will be. Aim your approach shot to the right side of the green, you would rather be short on this hole than long.

    Hole Description:

    #14 is a short par five most often downwind that presents a good birdie opportunity. The tee shot is open to an 80 yard wide fairway. The left side cuts some distance but presents a trickier second. A shot to the middle or right should come to rest on a hill looking down to the green.

    A middle fairway bunker lies about 70 yards from the green and a deep bunker guards the left side of the shallow but wide green. Play to the right to give yourself a chance to run onto the green in two but don’t over club as a bunker behind the green will gobble up long approaches.

    • Gold Tees: 524
    • Black Tees: 490
    • Silver Tees: 454
    • Green Tees: 416
  • Hole #15


    The drive on this hole needs to be on the left side of the fairway. A good drive to the left will allow you to approach the green without hitting over the front green side bunker.

    Hole Description:

    #15 is a short par four with a myriad of bunkers. Three fairway bunkers challenge your tee ball that should hug the left side. A fairway bunker right catches wayward slices. The green is pinched in by bunkers front right and back left and only opens up from the left side of the fairway.

    Although your second shot should be from 120 yards and in, it must be very precise to hold on this tiny, shallow green. Safe shooters play a run up to the front left part of the green and take par. Aggressive players must avoid the deep sand traps front and back and spin the ball to keep it greenside. The green slopes from back to front slightly making for some quick, breaking putts. #15 is short but treacherous!

    • Gold Tees: 342
    • Black Tees: 307
    • Silver Tees: 280
    • Green Tees: 234
  • Hole #16


    Hit your drive to the right side of the fairway bunker that you can see. This will cut yardage off of this long par 4. When approaching the green the left side is safer than the right.

    Hole Description:

    #16 is a long par four that requires excellent shots to take par. The tee shot is slightly uphill and blind and should split the fairway between the middle bunker and the right fairway line.

    The second is usually a long iron to a green most difficult to hit because is sits on a plateau guarded on the right by two bunkers. Stay left to avoid pitching into those on your approach. The putting surface is two tiered with mounds galore. Stay below the hole and judge speed carefully.

    • Gold Tees: 445
    • Black Tees: 418
    • Silver Tees: 380
    • Green Tees: 313
  • Hole #17


    A very wide fairway makes this an easy driving hole just aim down the middle. If you are going to miss your approach shot to this green miss it to the left.

    Hole Description:

    #17 is a short par five reachable in two. The tee shot should be played over the saddle in the middle of the fairway into a broad flat valley. A small pot bunker can catch long drives in the middle of the fairway. The second shot requires a decision to go over two bunkers at the turn of the fairway for the green or to play left of those into a small neck in the fairway leaving a simple bump and run to the green.

    Shorter players can play short of those for a 120 yard pitch to the green. The entrance to the green is open but a bunker guards the left front and another parallels the green on the right. The green itself is concave with mounds right and left

    • Gold Tees: 505
    • Black Tees: 474
    • Silver Tees: 390
    • Green Tees: 390
  • Hole #18


    Hit your drive to the right of the fairway bunker that you can see. When approaching the green aim to the right side but dont be long.

    Hole Description:

    #18 is a medium dogleg right par four. The tee shot should find the fairway between the middle fairway bunker and the huge blowout bunker guarding the right side. The green is uphill from the fairway and guarded by bunkers all around except for the right front where the approach slopes right to left allowing a shot to feed down onto the green. Finding the green in two should give you a chance to birdie as the green is relatively flat.

    • Gold Tees: 418
    • Black Tees: 384
    • Silver Tees: 337
    • Green Tees: 289

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